Sanchita Nahar


When I spotted these, I intended to raise hell and it was apt and a complete coincidence that these were called ‘Hellraiser’ by UNIF. These multifunctional shoes/weapons, retail at £135, come in a few variations and you can literally use these as a self defence mechanism. Dark alleys and creepy dudes can become something you look forward to. (I DO NOT CONDONE THAT YOU DELIBERATELY PERUSE ALLEYWAYS IN SEARCH OF A VICTIM). Enough said. I chose black to showcase the sumptuous upper lambskin leather and because I feel such a strong accessory should lend itself to many outfits, hence my choice of a neutral colour option. Also because I’m an undercover punk. I paired these with a sheer black maxi skirt to soften the harshness of the spikes, which is contrary to the actual fit of them, as they have a slipper-like slip on quality.

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4 thoughts on “RAISING HELL

  1. Best title for this post! Hilarious. Great shoes too. x

  2. Loves them! Still want to get myself a pair sometime soon!

  3. They’re awesome 🙂 I like them in gold too.

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