Sanchita Nahar


Margiela, Spring/Summer 2012

Swedish budget clothing retailer H&M announced on Tuesday, that French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela would design a collection of men’s and women’s clothes to go on sale in its stores around the world in November.

I’m not entirely sold on this one because Margiela left his own label years ago and the collections since have been mediocre. At least with the Lanvin & Versace collections, they were quintessentially Alber Elbaz and Donatella Versace; the spin-off H&M collections all featured design details which were reminiscent of their main collections; the Lanvin dresses featured the signature draping and the Versace prints were a mega hybrid of colour, print and texture.

There have been a few pieces which I was vaguely interested in from the diffusion MM6 line, although  nothing to make me really covet them.  It should also be noted, that since Kanye West mentioned “Margiela” in his mega-hit song  ‘N*ggas in Paris‘, Maison Martin Margiela already occupies the popular conscious, so this will be another collaboration that completely sells out, before people who didn’t wait their ass in line all night get a chance to shop it. It is such a shame, because people who are genuine fans of the designer in question, may never have the opportunity to have an item from the ready-to-wear collections, simply because of accessibility in terms of cost; and that is the whole idea behind these collaborations, so a wider demographic can buy into the brand and its aesthetic.

The label’s new line of perfumes, however, promises to tap into other collective memories other than being in Paris with Kanye. Margiela have announced their new Replica collection, which Margiela will release in July. With three scents—Flower Market, Beach Walk, and Funfair Evening—the collection recalls all the highlights of a sauntering summer day without the soil, sand, or sweaty crowds.

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