Sanchita Nahar


I hear of so many cases where major brands pay out after false advertising or where they make unwarranted claims which land them in hot water. Let’s discuss footwear mega brand Sketchers, who paid out $40 million recently, after allegedly claiming their shoes help people lose weight. I’m sorry, but any mug who bought into that, needs to be slapped with the shoes they purchased, because shoes with a fancy sole don’t help you lose weight, cycling at spinning classes until your legs give way, does. I too, kick myself sometimes, because I feel the burden of a very expensive transaction I made, when I chose to pursue university.

For me, going back five years ago, it seemed like a rite of passage, something you had to do in order to cement a successful career. Of course, what anybody failed to mention, were the pitfalls that came along with such a pricey purchase. There’s nothing I loved more at art college, than reading of the latest alumni of an arts university, who was heralded the next big thing. It gave me hope that one day I could graduate and embark on an illustrious career. I’m not saying that possibility is now null and void, it’s just I wish I was better prepared for the onslaught of soul destroying rejection I was about to face from the likes of Burberry, The Independent Talent Group and Condé Nast. I’m often rejected for reasons which may seem trivial when I explain them to people, such as not possessing relevant languages or being proficient at Dreamweaver (every programme of Adobe makes me break out in a sweat). I was never encouraged to learn Mandarin or Russian, probably because their pending boom as emerging economies wasn’t something we were informed about sufficiently at university. I suppose that is the problem; as society progresses, the shift in employment dynamic changes too. I also consider that as my own shortcoming, as I really should take it upon myself to learn two of the hardest languages in the world. I’ll send myself a memo to get onto it.

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