Sanchita Nahar


I wish to set the record straight with any cynics who are infiltrating my readership.Those of you who feel I am three years too late jumping on the blog bandwagon, please shut the door behind you, as the reason why I’ve set this little baby up, is because after encouragement from my family and friends  – and nobody likes a braggart, but it doesn’t make it untrue – recruiters from fantastic companies with whom I’ve had interviews upon graduating and subsequently, had feedback, to use blogging as an outlet to showcase my opinions, musings and incessant ramblings to help cultivate a digital presence, and to er…add another dimension to my already 3D being.

To encompass this little intro; I really enjoy writing. This is a not a fashion blog, I am not the messiah on what is acceptable in pop culture and from time to time, while I may share something aesthetically inspirational, this blog will feature everything from music, celebrities, food porn and my opinion on the occasional story on CNN. Please visit back often, feel free to engage with me (you can agree/disagree with my entries, I don’t really care because none of you pay my household bills), share this with your friends and do not hesitate to adopt this blog as if it were to be your child.

DISCLAIMER: a lot of my posts will most probably be composed after watching the latest slew of American TV shows, where I will be in an emotionally unstable state of mind. However, I promise to always provide you with good grammar (unless the topic requires sarcastic dialect) and sufficient punctuation.

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